The crew

Olivier Taymans, director and video editor

As a freelance journalist, he mostly worked in the field of media criticism, especially on Radio Campus in Brussels (media criticism show AlterEcho, 2000-2003) and in Le Journal du Mardi (weekly media column, 2002-2003).

He co-directed (with Yannick Bovy) “Les forçats de la faim” (2002, video, 26’, about hunger strikes around Turkish imprisonment conditions), and “Takiwasi, la maison qui chante” (co-directed with Irvic D’Olivier, radio documentary, 2005, 48’, about a Peruvian drug rehab centre using shamanic medicine ; with support of the Fonds d’aide à la création radiophonique ; broadcast by RTBF (Belgian public radio) and by France Culture (French public cultural radio station)).

Dominique Berger, camera operator and video editor

After graduating from the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme (ESJ – Paris), he worked as a trainee at RTBF and RTL, before regularly contributing to the I Comme… television show (RTL). After a few years of wandering (Paris, New York), he started a production studio for industrial video films, and was subsequently hired by green MEP Paul Lannoye as a parliamentary assistant.

Meanwhile, in 2000, he directed a documentary film about the Mexican Zapatistas, co-produced by Belgian public television company RTBF : “Le mur de Taniperla”. Another one followed, this time about pollution associated with the nuclear power production process. In 2005, along with Sarah Fautré, he co-directed “Médias contre tambours”, about the private media’s role in Venezuela. This film received the audience award at the La Rochelle film festival, and the jury award at the Thionville film festival.

Currently he occasionally works as a journalist for RTC, local television station in Liège.

Sarah Fautré, assistant director

Graduate from the Communication arts and sciences section of the University of Liège (« film and audiovisual art » subsection).

Along with Dominique Berger, she co-directed “Médias contre Tambours” (2005).

She also directed the radio documentary series “Les désobéissants” (on civil disobedience), with support from the Fonds d’Aide à la Création Radiophonique – FACR (2009).

She co-directed “De Seraing à Pékin”, another radio documentary, with support from FACR (2011).