Hello world, website is up

Finally, after years of shooting, editing, mixing, translating, dubbing,… the English version of “Epouvantails, autruches et perroquets” is about to be released. The original film in French appeared on the 10th anniversary of the attacks (hence the title). Since then, I’ve been very busy, and the making of the English version has taken ages (two years, to be precise :) ).

In its French version, the film has been viewed online by tens of thousands of people, and has been screened in Belgium, France and Switzerland. Let’s hope the English version is not appearing too late, and that international viewers will be able to relate to its largely French content, which is only a case study of a phenomenon that has been happening worldwide. Despite its emphasis on European media, the film features prominent actors of the international 9/11 Truth Movement like David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage.

The film will be available online as of September 11, 2013. I really hope you enjoy it, and possibly learn something from it. Feel free to send or post any comment or question you could have. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer.